MENPORA-PAGI International Jr Golf Championship-2019, Jakarta

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 97th Albatross Junior Golf Tournament

Venue : Jaypee Golf Resort

Dates : Jul 25-26, 2019

Optional Paid Practice Round : July 24

Entry Open : Jul 03rd

Entry Close : Juy 22nd

This tournament is the designated qualifier for the 14th AmBank-Sportexel Jr International Championship-2019, at the Glenmarie Golf & CC, KL, Malaysia wef October 14-17, 2019. 

MENPORA-PAGI International Junior Golf Championship-2019, Jakarta

Following Players comprised Albatross, India Team :

Boys : Krishiv Tekchandani (BA), Kanishka Lunkad (BA), Aryaman Mohan (BA), Parth Raman Sood (BC)
Girls :  Disha Kavery MB (GA), Sneha Sharan (GA),  Kriti Chouhan (GB), Agrima Manral (GB)

Trophy Winners (Individual) :

1. Sneha Sharan (Bangalore) - Runner-Up, Cat A girls (74,70,72)
2. Kriti Chouhan (Jaipur) - Runner-Up, Cat B girls (76,80,79)
3. Aryaman Mohan (Mumbai) - 3rd Runner-Up, Cat A boys (73,81,73)
4. Parth Raman Sood (Noida, NCR) - 4th Runner-Up, Cat C boys (85,79)

Trophy Winners (Team) :

1. Runner-Up trophy in Team Championship, Girls (13 to 18 Yrs) Albatross India team : Sneha Sharan, Kriti Chouhan & Disha M B Kavery

18th TrueVisions International Junior Golf Championship 2019, Thailand

Trophy Winners (Individual) :

1. Shreya Pal (Hyderabad) - winner trophy, Cat A girls (the Malaysian girl who stood first, got the overall best girl trophy)

2. Hitaashee Bakshee (Delhi) - Runner-up trophy, Cat B girls

3. Asmitha Satish (Bangalore) - 2 nd Runner-Up, Cat A girls

Trophy Winners (Team) :

1. Runner-Up trophy in team championship (13 to 18 Yrs) Albatross India team : Asmitha Satish, Hitaashee Bakshi, Jahanvi Bakshi & Kanishka Lunkad

2, 2nd Runner-Up trophy in team championship (9-12 Yrs) Albatross India team : Prarthana Khanna, Lavanya Gupta, Zara Anand & Arshvant Srivastava

Albatross, India has held 96 junior golf tournaments (including ten Junior International Championships) in India and over 3700 junior golfers have competed in it's tournaments. It is the premier junior golf tour in India, having held tournaments in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Jaipur & Pune and is committed to supporting junior golf in India by organizing regular competitive tournaments, mental coaching, physical training and providing international exposure to junior golfers. Albatross India players have excelled at both the international as well as the national level of golf. Many of it's players are now well known in the international circuit. Junior Golf in India is now very vibrant, competitive and challenging..!!

Notice: All Albatross tournament entry fees/training charges etc include GST as applicable