Business Accounting with Tally & GST Mastery Course

Business Accounting with Tally & GST Mastery Course

Welcome to Albatross Learnings, Business Accounting with Tally & GST Mastery Course – a comprehensive 40-hour program designed to equip you with the essential skills for efficient business accounting using Tally and understanding the nuances of GST.

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Course Highlights:

Module 1: Introduction to Business Accounting (4 hours)

  • Understand the fundamentals of business accounting.
  • Explore the importance of accurate financial record-keeping.
  • Learn about the role of Tally and GST in modern accounting.

Module 2: Tally Fundamentals (12 hours)

  • Dive into Tally software and its user interface.
  • Learn ledger creation, voucher entry, and journal posting.
  • Understand the basics of inventory management in Tally.

Module 3: Advanced Tally Features (8 hours)

  • Master advanced Tally features for financial analysis.
  • Explore budgeting, cost centers, and multi-currency transactions.
  • Learn about payroll management and taxation in Tally.

Module 4: GST Concepts and Implementation (8 hours)

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of GST concepts.
  • Learn about GST registration, invoicing, and return filing.
  • Implement GST in Tally for seamless compliance.

Module 5: Financial Reporting and Analysis (6 hours)

  • Understand financial statements and their interpretation.
  • Dive into ratio analysis for business decision-making.
  • Explore cash flow and fund flow statements.

Module 6: Final Project and Portfolio Development (2 hours)

  • Apply accounting skills to a comprehensive project.
  • Create a professional portfolio showcasing your accounting projects.
  • Receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Certification and Beyond

Upon successful completion of the Business Accounting with Tally & GST Mastery Course, you’ll receive a certification from Albatross Learnings, validating your proficiency in business accounting with Tally and GST. Join us in mastering these essential tools for streamlined financial management – enrol today and embark on a journey of becoming an expert in business accounting.


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