Advanced Excel Mastery Course

Advanced Excel Mastery Course

Welcome to Albatross Learnings, Advanced Excel Mastery Course – a comprehensive 40-hour program designed to take your Excel skills to new heights. Whether you’re an aspiring analyst, data professional, or business user, this course equips you with advanced techniques to maximize your efficiency.

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Course Highlights:

Module 1: Advanced Excel’s Functions and Formulas (6 hours)

  • Explore advanced Excel functions for complex calculations.
  • Master array formulas and lookup functions.
  • Learn how to nest functions for sophisticated data analysis.

Module 2: Data Analysis and Visualization (8 hours)

  • Dive into data analysis techniques using PivotTables.
  • Create dynamic and interactive visualizations.
  • Learn to present insights effectively through charts and graphs.

Module 3: Power Query for Data Transformation (6 hours)

  • Introduce Power Query for efficient data transformation.
  • Cleanse and shape data for improved analysis.
  • Automate data import and refresh processes.

Module 4: Data Modeling and Power Pivot (8 hours)

  • Understand data modeling concepts in Excel.
  • Utilize Power Pivot for advanced data analysis.
  • Combine multiple data sources for comprehensive insights.

Module 5: Excel Macros and Automation (6 hours)

  • Introduce the basics of Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
  • Create and run macros for repetitive tasks.
  • Automate complex processes to streamline workflow.

Module 6: Dashboard Creation (4 hours)

  • Learn the principles of effective dashboard design.
  • Create interactive and visually appealing dashboards.
  • Understand best practices for data presentation.

Module 7: Advanced Data Validation and Protection (2 hours)

  • Implement advanced data validation techniques.
  • Protect sensitive information with Excel security features.
  • Ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Module 8: Final Project and Certification (2 hours)

  • Apply advanced Excel skills to a real-world project.
  • Showcase your proficiency with a certification from Albatross Learning.
  • Receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Certification and Beyond

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Excel Mastery Course, you’ll receive a certification from Albatross Learning, validating your expertise in advanced Excel techniques. Join us in mastering Excel’s powerful features and transforming your data analysis capabilities –enroll today and take a step toward becoming an Advanced Excel professional.


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