Digital Marketing Course

Welcome to Albatross Learnings, Digital Marketing Mastery Course – a comprehensive 40-hour program designed to empower you with the skills needed for success in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course

Course Highlights:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing (4 hours)

  • Explore the fundamentals of digital marketing.
  • Understand the evolving landscape and key concepts.
  • Set the foundation for successful digital campaigns.

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies (10 hours)

  • Dive into SEO fundamentals and keyword research.
  • Optimize on-page and off-page elements for search engines.
  • Implement SEO strategies for improved website visibility.

Module 3: Social Media Marketing (8 hours)

  • Explore social media platforms and their audiences.
  • Develop social media marketing strategies for various goals.
  • Utilize social media analytics for performance measurement.

Module 4: Content Marketing Excellence (8 hours)

  • Craft compelling and shareable content.
  • Understand content marketing strategies and trends.
  • Implement effective storytelling and engagement techniques.

Module 5: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising (6 hours)

  • Learn the principles of PPC advertising.
  • Dive into Google Ads and social media advertising.
  • Develop and optimize PPC campaigns for maximum ROI.

Module 6: Email Marketing and Automation (4 hours)

  • Explore the essentials of email marketing.
  • Implement email automation for personalized campaigns.
  • Optimize email campaigns for lead generation and conversion.

Module 7: Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making (4 hours)

  • Understand web analytics tools and data interpretation.
  • Utilize data to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Implement A/B testing and conversion rate optimization.

Module 8: Final Project and Portfolio Development (2 hours)

  • Apply digital marketing skills to a comprehensive campaign.
  • Create a professional portfolio showcasing your marketing projects.
  • Receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Certification and Beyond

Upon completing the Digital Marketing Mastery Course, you’ll receive a certification from Albatross Learnings, validating your proficiency in digital marketing. Join us in mastering the art and science of digital marketing – enrol today and embark on a journey of becoming a proficient digital marketer.


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