junior-golf-scoreboard.jpgThe Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGSB) system is a ranking system followed by all schools in USA . All the top tournaments are listed on JGSB . Its based on a formula that reviews a player’s record in 36-hole or longer tournaments over the last 365 days. A player must have four events within the year to be ranked. Please visit for more info.

Briefly, the criteria is as follows:

• Scoring differential: For the 85 percent of the player\'s rounds that are his/her lowest scores, a player’s average score is compared to the USGA rating of the courses they played (65 percent weight).
• Strength of Field: Whom did the player compete against and how strong were the records of the their competitors (25 percent)
• Finish: Average finish of the competitor with consideration given to the size of the field (10 percent).

The Junior Golf Scoreboard typically receives results for over 1,100 tournaments worldwide and ranks approximately 5,000 – 6,000 players at any one time.

There are over 1,200 colleges and junior colleges looking for about 3500 players and many with scholarships and they search on the Junior Golf Scoreboard.