Ques :How are tournaments conducted?
Ans : Tournaments are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism. They are planned and conducted by industry professionals to ensure competitors have a fair and enjoyable experience at an Albatross event.

Ques : How do I register for a tournament?
Ans : Register (free) as a new user at and submit entry form online.You can also download the Albatross Golf Tour App on IOS or Android. Entry fees are accepted online (only) via credit/debit card.

Ques : At what age can my child participate in Albatross events?
Ans : From the age after the 6th birthday till before the 18th birthday of the beginning of a tournament. New AA Category launched in 2021 - eligible age is 18 - 23 years.

Ques : Why is a birth certificate mandatory for my child?
Ans : A birth certificate is necessary as children are competing in different age categories. So, to be fair, a child must compete within his / her age category. A birth certificate or other recognized government appropriate document is mandatory. If documentation is proved to be falsified, the child may be banned from the Albatross Golf Tour.

Ques : How do I know my child is confirmed for an event?
Ans : Visit the website and click on view entry list under Tournaments/Current. This list will show whether your online transaction was successful by listing out your name. Subsequently, the tournament committee will screen each entry for acceptance. Final list of accepted entries can be view only once the draw is online.

Ques : How do I know when the next tournament is?
Ans : This information should be available on the Albatross web page under “announcements” or “tournament info”.

Ques : Can a parent volunteer?
Ans : Yes a parent can volunteer to assist in tournament operations as a starter, marshal, facilitator, etc. If you could assist in any other way contact us on the web page.

Ques : What is the policy for spectators?
Ans : The policy for spectators is too lengthy to post here. Please check the web site for information on policies of this nature.

Ques : Can I carry my cell phone when I’m following my child during an event?
Ans : You may carry your cell phone on the course so long you do not interfere or disturb the competition. It may be helpful, for example, to use in the event a referee is required and needs to be summoned. However, players are not allowed to use cell phones during the tournament.

Ques : Can I help search for lost golf balls?
Ans : Yes, you may assist in the search for a lost ball . It will help speed up play.

Ques : I have a lot of rules experience. May I offer my expertise at an event?
Ans : If you are certified by a governing body of the USGA or the Royal and Ancient Golf Club you may volunteer to assist at Albatross events. For more info, contact us on our website.

Ques : What happens if I don’t agree with a decision made by an Albatross official?
Ans : A decision made by an Albatross Rules Official is final. If there still remains a doubt the Tournament Committee must be approached before the final results have been announced and posted.

Ques : Can I bring food for my child during an event?
Ans : You may bring snacks, water, juices and the like for your child during a stipulated round. However, some clubs have restrictions on what a player may bring. Please consult the host club for guidance in this matter.

Ques: Does Albatross provide accommodation to participants from out of town?
Ans : Albatross may assist in locating accommodation but unless specifically intimated by the Tournament Committee, Albatross will not provide accommodation.

Ques : Will Albatross provide transportation from a hotel to the venue?
Ans : This depends on the event and the logistics of conducting a major tournament. Normally Albatross will not provide transport at an event.

Ques : How do children from different age groups compete?
Ans : Albatross has currently 5 different age categories in order to make a competition fair:

"AA" - ages 18 - 23

“A” – ages 15 – 17
“B” – ages 13 – 14
“C” – ages 11 – 12
“D” – ages 9 – 10 (modified July 2016)
“E” – ages 6 – 8 (modified July 2016)
Different age groups compete for different prizes.

Ques : Does Albatross have handicaps used as part of the competition?
Ans : Competitions are conducted by age group only. Handicaps are requested by the Committee to ascertain whether a perspective player has competency in the game. It is preferred that a child must have a certified handicap from their home club. In case the child is not a member of any golf club, she/he is welcome to participate in Albatross events. While Albatross endeavors to promote the game, it is also exists to protect it. Children without adequate skills severely slow down the game and are a major distraction for the other competitors. Simply, please ensure your child knows how to play before entering them in a competition.

Ques : Does Albatross conduct Rules Clinics?
Ans : Albatross conducts Rules Clinics prior to any major or international event. However, it is extremely important for every child to have a solid knowledge of the basic rules. You may find lots of help in this from the R&A or USGA websites.

Ques : What yardages will my child play from?
Ans : Most golf courses have up to 5 sets of tees. With the exception of the “E” category, which is generally positioned approximately 250 – 275 yards from the green on a par 5, 175 – 200 yards on a par 4, 80 to 100 yards on a par 3; and “D” category girls which play from approximately 25 to 40 yards in front of the most forward tee; Albatross utilizes whatever tee boxes a golf course has available.

Ques : Are all tournaments 18 holes?
Ans : With the exception of category “E” (they play 9 holes) all other play 18 holes in a stipulated round.  We conduct 2 or 3 day events and a major will be conducted over 4 days.

Ques : Does Albatross offer clinics?
Ans : Albatross offers clinics on rules and golf instruction from time to time. Upcoming clinics will be announced on the website under the “announcements” heading.

Ques : Who are the instructors?
Ans : We have qualified PGA professionals from India and abroad including a Class “A” USPGA professional and certified rules officials from the R & A conducting rules clinics.


Ques : Are caddies optional?
Ans : Caddies are mandatory at any Albatross event

Ques : Are Personal Caddies allowed?
Ans : This depends upon the Host Club. Please check with them for accurate information.

Ques : Can a Parent caddie?
Ans : A parent can caddie for children in categories “D” and “E” only.

Ques : Where do I pay for a caddie at an event?
Ans : Generally, payment of caddies is taken care of before each round at the reception of the clubhouse.