Albatross is glad to announce the launch of the first ever App for Golf??  Tournaments in India! Download now from Apple App Store or Google Play Store - or you can search for Albatross Golf Tour, India.?? 

Albatross, India has held 100 junior golf tournaments (including eleven Junior International Championships) in India and over 4000 junior golfers have competed in it's tournaments. It is the premier golf tour in India, having held tournaments in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Jaipur & Pune and is committed to supporting junior golf in India by organizing regular competitive tournaments, mental coaching, physical training and providing international exposure to junior golfers.

Albatross India players have excelled at both the international as well as the national level of golf. Many of it's players are now well known in the international circuit. Junior Golf in India is now very vibrant, competitive and challenging..!!

All Albatross tournament entry fees/training charges etc include GST as applicable


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